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Melasma & Hyperpigmentation Ayurvedic Kit

Melasma & Hyperpigmentation Ayurvedic Kit





Melasma, also known as chloasma, hyper pigmentation and is a common occurrence in young and adult women. Melasma treatment must be understand to get rid of these spots.

The brown spots or Patches on the both sides of face especially on cheeks , upper lips , Nose and chin is called Melasma.

Melasma is not a superficial condition rather it tells us that there is something wrong inside which appears on the skin. There are many different treatments that promise to lighten melasma patches over time, but most of these are applied locally  which acts on outer layer only an ove the upper layer of skin. 

These local treatments do not provide lasting relief from the dark spots and as soon as the treatment is stopped, melasma reappears in no time. If you have been in the same ship, wondering how to cure melasma from the inside for a lasting cure. 


The most common causes of melasma are –

Nutritional Deficiencies – Anemia, Metabolic causes, Vitamin B12 deficiency, Malnutrition.

During Pregnancy            –  Less  diet, low nutritive diet, low blood cells etc.

Hormonal Factors           –   Thyroid abnormalities, Menstrual problems in females, other hormone disorders.

External Factors              – Exposure to radiations, UV rays, Sun Rays, Infrared radiations, side effects of chemotherapy.




The first step to cure melasma from inside is to look for any internal factors causing it in the first place. 

If it is because of pregnancy, then the marks will go away delivery.

If you are taking birth control pills, then you may have to switch to another form of contraception like IUD or condom. 

It is very important to assess the situation beforehand ascertain if there is any intrinsic cause of melasma. Because if there is something inside that is aggravating melasma and you overlook it, the problem will keep coming again and again. 

  • Correcting the Metabolic System.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Promoting Detoxification of body.
  • Promoting the healthy cells formation.
  • Nourishment to Skin cells and tissues.



Melasma treatment in Ayurveda by using natural herbs and plant based essential oils.

  – Natural Pills for Skin Care

Oral Herbs which provides natural antioxidants for your skin health.  These antioxidants repair damaged skin cells and lighten the spots caused due to melasma. 

   –  External Application of 

       Face  Wash  – made from natural ingredients and enriched with essential oils.

       Face Creams   –  Helps in the nourishment of Skin and protects form the environmental damage.  

       Face Serum     –  Made from essential oils and natural sourced carrier oils which provides nourishment to skin.

       Face Mask       –  Helps in removing dead skin and repairs the damaged skin. 

All the products are decided by our Ayurveda Consultants after proper analysis of individual Skin and Medical History.


Useful  Healthy Habits to adopt 

Adopting to healthy habits can play a big role in eliminating melasma from inside.

So if you are not sure how to cure melasma from inside, adopt these habits.

  1. Drink lots of water  – Our body need minimum 3 liters of water everyday for proper body functions.
  2. Sleep for good 8 hours  – Good sleep promotes healthy cells.
  3. Avoid late night work/TV/mobile
  4. Avoid alcohol/tobacco 
  5. Eat Healthy food – Vegetables, Fruits, Berries, Green leafy food. 
  6. Avoid fried food. junk food, fast food . 
  7. Always wear physical sunscreen when going out. 
  8. Regular cleansing and nourishment of the skin.
  9. Yoga and Exercise
  10. Meditation to calm your mind. 
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