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Alopecia Areata :: Ayurvedic Kit

Alopecia Areata :: Ayurvedic Kit








In Ayurveda it is known as Inderlupta where there is sudden hair loss, pitta an vata are the main cause of this. Its generally affects the beard area while Alopecia or Khalitya affects the whole scalp and when the entire body is affected it is called “Ruhya”.

The two types of hair loss are Scarring and Non scarring. In a non scarring form of disorder the hair follicle can generally regrow hair.

Ayurveda advocate excessive consumption of lavana rasa – Salt- is one of the major cause of hair loss. Dietary factors , polluted water , dust , sunlight , excessive sweating , metabolic or other disease, anxiety , stress , unhealthy life style and bad eating habits are other factors which leads to hair loss.

Other factors are medications , chemotherapy , radiations , allergies , fungal infections , auto immune disorders, traction , injury and infections are other causes for hair loss.




AA- HERBAL OIL for the local application.
Herbal Shampoo with natural ingredients for the hair wash
Herbal Lotions
Herbal Hair Tonics – For local use to check the further damage of hair follicles.

Each customized kit has one product for local use. Which is decided by our consultant according to symptoms. 



The combination of herbs for oral use is decided according to the dosha involved and the cause of the hair fall. As the hair diseases are related to the “Ashti Dhatu”  or bone tissue so to treat hair loss the medicines which gives strength to the bone are given orally for long term. The herbs which are immunomodulator are also given to the patients with hair loss. In case of hormonal disturbance herbs which are hormonal balancer are used. Two types of Oral Mixture of herbs in are recommended as decided by health consultant. 





  • This is customized kit and products are decided by Ayurvedic Physician according to the signs and symptoms. Products and prices in each kit may vary. All products of  Ayur-Sudha are approved and made in Canada.



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