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Xanthelasma Ayurvedic Kit

Xanthelasma Ayurvedic Kit




 Xanthelasma Treatment in Ayurveda

Xanthelasma or Xanthoma is a skin condition caused by the deposit and accumulation of the fats beneath the skin in macrophage immune cells in the skin and rarely in the layer of fat under the skin which needs various Skin Treatments.  Xanthelasma treatment is available in Ayurveda at our Skin Clinic.

They can be more than three inches in size or very small. Xanthomas are not painful or dangerous, but can be cosmetically not seems good. Xanthoma may appear anywhere on the body, but the most common sites are elbows, joints, tendons, knees, hands, feet and buttocks.
Xanthelasma is a form of xanthoma that appears on the eyelids.
Some of the xanthomas are indicative of lipid metabolism disorder like Hyper lipidemic or high cholesterol / fats in blood. In this condition there may be associated with increased risk of coronary artery heart disease and occasionally with pancreatitis.


Xanthomas may be associated with underlying causes like lipid metabolism disturbance or it may occur without any lipid raised.
Lipids are insoluble in water they combine with proteins to form  compounds called lipoproteins. Lipoproteins transport lipids and cholesterol in the blood to different parts of the body. Depending upon their size and weight they are classified as VLDL- very low density lipoprotein , LDL- low density lipoproteins and HDL- high density lipoproteins. They have a good role to play in maintaining the metabolic functioning of the body.
The metabolic disorders which may give rise to Cutaneous Xanthomas are Diabetes Mellitus , Hypothyroidism , Nephrotic Syndrome ,  Primary billiary cirrhosis , Some types of cancers , genetic or inherited – Primary hypo lipoprotenaemia.

There are following types of Xanthoma and the classification is done on the base of the cause and they are found on the different parts of the body 

  1. Xanthelasma palpebrum
  2. Tuberous Xanthomas
  3. Tendinous Xanthomas
  4. Eruptive Xanthomas
  5. Plane Xanthomas
  6. Diffuse plane xanthomatosis
  7. Xanthoma disseminatum





Skin Treatments includes the underlying cause is the first line of the skin and then the removal of the lesion by local application and the oral herbal medications for controlling the growth and underlying health conditions that cause the fatty deposits to develop.
Local application of the Ayurvedic Oil and Creams for Xanthoma made by our Clinic is very effective and safe.

For the underlying causes like metabolic disturbance of the lipids , The Ayurvedic Oral herbal mixtures in the form of capsules and tablets are given to the patients so that the balance of the lipids gets maintained.

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Weight 500-1000 g
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