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  • ARTHRITIS – Ayurvedic Kit


    AYURVEDIC TREATMENT FOR ARTHRITIS  Arthritis or Joint Pains are of many types but most common are   Rheumatoid Arthritis– RA Hyperuraecaemia –Gout Osteoarthritis – OA Rheumatic Arthritis Immune System Disorders -SLE Scleroderma Fibromyalgia Psoriatic Arthritis AYUR SUDHA’S  ANTI ARTHIRITIC KIT Ayur Sudha has a different types of kits according to the type of Joint Disorder […]



    AYURVEDIC BEAUTY TREATMENTS Flawless , beautiful glowing skin is desirable by every women and of course appreciated by every man. Skin also reflects your internal health. Everyone is attracted towards the clear skin , glowing complexion and good beauty. Ayurveda is the natural way to gain , maintain and regain of your skin beauty. Many […]



    AYURVEDIC TREATMENT FOR FUNGAL INFECTIONS   AYUR- SUDHA’S AYURVEDIC FOR FUNGAL INFECTIONS Ayurvedic Creams  Ayurvedic and Herbal  Lotions Ayurvedic Wash or Cleansers Ayurvedic and Herbal Oral Medicines Herbal Anti Fungal Shampoo For the different types of Fungal , Candida , Pityriasis , Tinea Infections , Yeast Infections , the different medicines are used . ABOUT FUNGAL […]