Ayurveda is an ancient science in healthcare and dates back to five thousand years. It is a much sought after therapy as it is proved to be a natural cure to many skin and health-related problems.

For common to chronic health issues, it is known to provide ‘root cause treatment.’ In other words, if you have a chronic skin disease, Ayurvedic medicine won’t treat symptoms. Instead, they target the root cause of the problem to cure the effects. 

Ayurvedic treatments are mindful of the body and do not smother it or disturb other bodily functions. Moreover, they help bring balance within the body, soothe the mind, and energize the spirit. Ayurveda is the safest form of medical treatment, as it creates healthcare solutions from extracts of natural substances like plants and herbs. 

From children to adults, everyone can use it. Ayurvedic medicine helps cleanse and revitalize the body. It also alleviates inflammation, releases toxins trapped in the body, regulates the symptoms of a disease, and reduces stress.

How Ayurveda treats skin diseases

A variety of skin diseases can afflict the body when there is an imbalance within. Some common skin problems are eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and hives. To find relief against these and other skin problems, Ayurveda serves as a potent weapon. Through the use of oral and topical Ayurvedic medicines, you can effectively battle the root of your symptoms and prevent them from returning. At the same time, you can improve the effects of your Ayurvedic regime by eating healthy as per your specific dosha, i.e., Pitta, Kapha, or Vatta.

At AYUR-SUDHA, we examine your condition, your eating habits, and your lifestyle patterns to identify the cause of your skin ailment. Based on our assessment, we then prescribe oral Ayurvedic medication which are herbal formulations that check the growth of toxins and eliminate those present in the body. It also helps enhance the immune system and strengthen body tissue. Depending on your skin’s conditions, we may prescribe herbal face packs and face washes to counter your Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha skin problems. We will also recommend better eating habits and lifestyle changes for assured results.

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