Vaginal Infection Ayurvedic Treatment

Vaginal Infection Ayurvedic Treatment





Vaginal health is very important part of the women’s overall health. Vaginal problems may be the sign of an underlying health conditions. The One should know the signs and symptoms that intimates you the illness of the vagina.


INFECTIONS  – Scabies , thrush , threadworms and some Sexually transmitted Diseases.
SKIN CONDITIONS – Psoriasis , Eczema , Lichen Simplex , Lichen Planus , Lichen Sclerosus , eczema  these types of  Skin Conditions may also affects the vulvar skin.
SENSATION OF THE VULVA SKIN – to soap , perfumes , deodorants , excessive sweat , condoms , wet wipes , textile dyes , detergents , fabric conditioners , sanitary wears.
MENOPAUSE  –   The lower level of estrogen causes the vulva skin tends to become thinner and drier after the menopause , which aggravates the vulvar itching.
URINARY AND FAECAL INCONTINENCE – this condition makes the skin of the vulva moist and irritated.
DIABETES – it is the one of the most common cause of vulvar itch.
PREGNANCY  – it causes itch due to vulvar engorgement . There is also an increased risk of vaginal discharge and thrush during pregnancy, which may cause itch.
BREAST FEEDING  The low level of estrogen may cause vulvar itch.
CANCER of the vulva is the very uncommon cause of pruritus.
OTHER CAUSES – Some medications may also cause vulvar itch like Thyroid, Kidney , Liver  diseases and certain blood disorders. 


Ayurvedic Treatment For Vaginal Infection – AYURVEDIC KIT OR PRURITUS VULVAE

VAGINAL WASH  it has antifungal and antimicrobial properties which helps to check the growth of the microorganism.
VAGINAL CREAM  It is a moisturizing cream which lubricates the external genital part and removes the dryness of vulva.
VAGINAL LOTION –  it is used outside and also inside the vagina who have vulvar as well as vaginal uncomforability.
ORAL AYURVEDIC MEDICINES – Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines which contains natural herbs, acts as natural antihistamine, very helpful to reduce the itch of the vulva and also vaginal itch and discomfort.
In menopausal conditions we need not to give hormones as replacement rather natural herbs do it better without any side effects.

Try to Avoid Itch-Scratch Cycle 

  • In this cycle where scratching causing more itching – which causing more scratching- which causes more itching and the cycle go on. So, it the person scratch it may make the itch worse. Therefore apart from any other treatment, try not to scratch if at all possible
  • Scratching may also damage the vulvar skin and increase the risk of skin becoming infected with bacteria. 
  • Keep cool especially at night time
  • Wear loose fitting underwear and outer clothing.
  • Avoid nylon panty
  • Wash the vulva once or twice in a day with lukewarm water.
  • Insert tampons with care and change sanitary pads frequently


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