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According to ayurveda PCOD is a Kapha disorder. The pitta is vitiated and get disturbed in the body causing digestive fire –jatharagni to disturb the distribution of nutrients to the sapta dhatu and the dhatu agni gets disturbed too.

In PCOD the rasa dhatu (lymph and plasma ) , medha shatu ( artava dhatu ) gets disturbed and causing imbalance of dosha in the reproductive system. The disease causing factors or AMA enters at the cellular level and disturbers the normal functions of hormones and cells of body.

According to modern view PCOD – Polycystic ovarian disease is common disorder in adult women. In this condition the sexual hormones of females get imbalanced. The follicular growth during the ovarian cycle affects by the imbalance of hormones causing the affected follicles remained in ovaries. Female with PCOD problem stimulates the pituitary gland which usually releases high amount of luteinizing hormone into blood stream results in disturbed menstrual cycle. So the follicles don’t mature and ovulation doesn’t occur and this is one of the reasons of infertility also.

Females with this problems have high levels of insulin in blood . This high level of insulin combines with luteinizing hormone and leads to excessive production of male hormone – testosterone in ovaries, abnormally high level of testosterone prevent ovulation.


This kit includes processed herbs as Ayurvedic formulations for oral use. In some case we also prescribe oil for external use. All the medicines are decided by our Doctors after complete analysis of history , prakruti and dosha of patient.

Ayurvedic medicines are safe and effective in PCOD ,Menstrual problems and all types of hormonal problems .

Ayurvedic medicines as oral herbs balances the dosha and normalizes the hormonal balance

The medicines detoxify the body and remove the toxins and disease causing factors. This leads to maintain the equilibrium of the dosha , dhatu and body.

Ayurveda medicines cleans the body, mind, emotions in natural way, it rejuvenates the body and normalizes menstrual cycle and ovulation.

In some cases the detoxification and purification of body is needed, we prescribes Panchakarma Procedures to them.

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